Monday, February 18, 2013

The healing powers of chihuahuas

I must firstly apoligise ... it has been a while since my last blog.  I admit, I have gone to write many times and stopped myself because I have either been too sick, too angry, too upset or too emotional, the list goes on ...  It was at about 3am this morning that I said to myself that if I keep this up I will never write on this blog again.  

Just before I went to bed, I was talking with a Facebook friend about our Chihuahuas, their little ways, but more importantly, the healing powers of Chihuahuas.  Now, I more than anyone know that these little guys carry powers beyond our knowledge or comprehension ... I believe with all of my heart that they can do what science cannot ...  If you agree or have experienced what I mean, then I don't have to say anything else.  If you don't understand what I mean, I will never convince you, so you might as well stop reading right now.

As many of you know our Chihuahua rescue is only just over 12 months old, and we have rehomed only a handful of Chihuahuas during that time as we only take pure Chihuahuas not crosses.  I know a lot of people think I should take the crosses but I am loyal to the Chihuahua breed and I am not changing my standards for those who do not understand.  Darryn and I are proud of what we have accomplished, and we will continue to do what works for us and Chihuahua Haven ... But back to the healing powers ... Each of the Chis that we have had come to stay with us (each one and every one stays with us for at least a couple of months or more before rehoming them) has their own little quality or power/energy.  One is about 15 years old now and when he came to us he was the most perfect gentleman.  Considering he had been living on the streets for lord knows how long??? He was deaf, blind in one eye, going blind in the other, he was in need of food, bath, medical attention, love and attention, but he came into our home, and was the most kindest gentleman I have ever had in it.  He treated Zeeva and Buffy with kindness and respect and went outside to potty.  I showed him his bed and he licked my hand.   Another Chihuahua is so kind and very gentle and he had the most beautiful eyes, he always sat back and watched what was going on, I knew he was for someone very special, he was not like the other Chihuahuas.  He went to live with a beautiful lady who had waited a long time for a man to love.  He gave new meaning to her life, literally.  

Ava loves to hide in beds and snuggle
We had just received Ava and Carrie into Chihuahua Haven when I found out I was in heart failure.  They were too very crazy little chis and they effected my life in a major way.  They were both so skitzo, you could not catch them, they would not come to you, even if you gave them chicken or treats, they would grab it and bolt.  You had to back them into a corner to pick them up.  They both had eating problems, Carrie took 30 mins to eat a teaspoon of food while Ava ate everything insight like a vacuum cleaner.  Ava liked to hide under things like pillows, desks etc for comfort, while Carrie refused to come inside at all.  The biggy we found out, was that Ava has neurological problems. I cannot remember the name of the problem she was diagnosed with (sorry).  She has problems with height (when you lift her up etc) and cannot remember things, people etc.  It has to do with her brain not fitting into her little head.  Our vet Natasha picked it up the moment she saw her because of her front paws of all things.  I love our vet, she is so fantastic!

Carrie spends everyday beside my laptop
The 3 of us together saved eachother.  I know those 2 girls like the back of my hand and they trust me more than anyone else in the world.  They will always be with Chi Haven.  They will never be adopted, I will never separate them.  They were born 2 days apart, they came to us together and will stay together.  Every night they sleep on my pillow and clean each others faces.  I am often lucky to be granted a quick clean and included in their ritual ... I honestly do not know how I would of coped emotionally without them both.  Yes, I had Buffy and Zeeva, but they didn’t need me like Ava and Carrie did.  My every waking moment was spent watching those 2, getting to know their cute little ways, coaxing one or the other, cuddling, patting, talking, sitting with Carrie while she slowly ate a little bit more, celebrating when we got her to eat 2 teaspoons up to today where she loves food, or should I say, she loves my cooking … lol …  These 2 chis saved me emotionally  

Most of you also know our/my Zeeva ... She is our/my pride and joy.  Yes, I baby her, Darryn roughs her up, I dress her in pretty dresses and Darryn takes them off her (when we get home).  We have both trained her in our own ways, as Darryn does not agree with my way of training ... lol ... She adores us both, you can see it in her eyes, and you can tell that she knows that I am not well. 
Zeeva on her first outing as my Service Dog
I also think that she knows that she is needed by me a lot more now.  Ever since we received her MindDog vest (and all her necessary ID etc so she can start training to be my Service Dog) and we went to the doctors and the chemist on that very first outing, she has been spending more time with me than she usually does.  Seriously ... She always sleeps with Darryn, ALWAYS, but now she is cuddling in with me more and sleeping with me.  During the day she is coming and sitting on my lap, where she usually does her own thing and I rarely see her unless I call everyone for a treat.  Or she comes up and taps me, like she is checking that I am OK?  ... Now, she has only worn that MindDog vest once, so please explain?  Has someone whispered in her ear that she has to look after me if she is wearing her vest or not?  Either way, I am blown away by her extra love and attention and I am not complaining, I am enjoying every moment ...

What I am trying to say is that these little Chihuahuas have healing powers ... I am sure other dogs do too, however, as I am surrounded by chihuahuas I can only speak for them and my experience with them ...

My husband Darryn works in an often stressful position and comes home to be greeted by little faces that have missed him and the smallest of them all, Bindi doing little circles and her tail going round and round.  He says watching her just makes his day and puts a smile on his face, no matter how bad his day has been.  

So, if a 1.5kg dog can do that to a 6'4" man I think that more homes should have a Chihuahua waiting for them when they get home.  

In fact, Chihuahuas are like chocolates, you cannot just have one ... you need at least 2 or 3 or ...

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  1. 100% agree but I have to say that this it true for all dogs/animals. Keaira has done the same thing. She used to curl up behind Ben's (my hubby) legs in bed but now she snuggles with me more. And during the day some times I have to get her to give me some space as she is always on my lap and sometimes she can't be, she is in the way of me doing something, like my crafting lol. They know that now we need them to be there ALL the time now that they are service dogs/in training :)